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From a young age, Said Hamdioui would disassemble the radio’s of his father: he was fascinated by how mechanisms operated. His academic career started in Oujda (Morocco) at the École supérieure de technologie, however, his involvement in the politically inspired student union UNEM got him into a lot of trouble, which forced him to leave the university. His journey continued in the Netherlands, where he had to start from zero. He tells us how he had to translate every word in his books at the beginning of his studies here. However, his determination made him successful. He graduated cum laude, not only for his master’s degree but also for his doctoral research. He was determined to become an engineer. Although he has come to love his life in the Netherlands, his heart will always belong to his fatherland. ‘The software may be anything, but the hardware always stays Moroccan’, he says.

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